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About floating
Effects of floating

Floating is a special, proven relaxation method;

namely floating on salt water in a specially developed float room. While floating you experience what it feels like to float and be completely weightless for a moment. All stimuli such as gravity, light and sound are excluded, this becomes Floatation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique). The water in the float room is heated to body temperature, so the body cannot feel a temperature difference with the water. This gives the feeling that the body is one with the water and your brain thinks that you are "floating".

  • proven decrease in stress hormone (cortisol)

  • promotes recovery after physical work and sport

  • improves blood circulation

  • increases concentration and creativity

  • improves sleep pattern

  • relieves pain and lowers blood pressure

  • caring for the skin by using Epsom salt

  • combats fatigue

  • experiencing weightlessness during pregnancy and recovery after childbirth

The saltwater baths are used for medical therapies as well as for relaxation and wellness. Scientific research has shown that floating reduces the production of stress hormones and significantly lowers (high) blood pressure. Floating therefore has a positive effect on stress problems, chronic pain complaints, fatigue and overload. It stimulates recovery, even after (intensive) exercise.

We use  Epsom salt (Magnesium sulphate) in our float rooms, which ensures that your magnesium level is increased by absorption through the skin. Floating therefore also has a positive effect on skin complaints. During a float session, your brain produces so-called theta waves (brain waves), which normally occur during REM sleep or during deep meditation. The more relaxed you are, the greater the chance of strong theta waves. This is accompanied by the release of endorphins, the substance that causes a feeling of happiness and euphoria in our body. These effects ensure that floating is a useful addition to treatments for mental and psychological complaints.

For whom?

Floating is for anyone who wants to relax, recover physically and mentally and reduce stress. This can be a moment for yourself or you book for two people and both float at the same time in a private float room. Are you pregnant? Especially then it is pleasant to experience the weightlessness while floating and to relax the extra-stressed spine and pelvis. Floating is used both medically and for relaxation and wellness. Just a moment for yourself without external stimuli. After an hour of floating you will feel completely relaxed. After floating, enjoy a cup of tea in our relaxation area.

Float room

You can float in a private float room. This is a well-ventilated “room” containing your own float bath with salt water. This room is located in a private bathroom that is at your disposal during the entire float session. The bathroom has a changing area, a shower and everything you need for a relaxing float session; towels, shower gel, shampoo and earplugs.

We use spacious float rooms, in which you can simply stand upright. This has advantages over the more claustrophobic float tanks. In the float room you have control over the door, light and sound.

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