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Float Therapy

Besides the fact that floating provides wonderful relaxation, it can also be used as a form of therapy. About 75% of physical complaints are stress related. We often see that the GP cannot exactly determine the cause of a complaint. One then falls under the so-called Somatically Unexplained Physical Complaints (SOLK). Floating can then be used to give the brain rest so that there is relief and recovery.


Research has shown that floating causes a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol. Floating is an enormous advantage in relieving complaints, both for stress-related complaints (burnout) and for chronic and psychological complaints. Floating is also recommended during pregnancy, even if only to relieve the heaviness of your abdomen and the pressure on the spine.


Float therapy is unfortunately not reimbursed by health insurers. Therefore choose one subscription or a float package. Then you make optimal use of all the benefits that floating has to offer.

Zwangere buik

Floating during pregnancy is a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

Vrouw in pijn

Floating is effective in de-stimulating the nervous system in case of chronic complaints.


Floating helps with faster healing of sports injuries.

Vrouw op Vensterbank

Floating stimulates the overloaded brain.

 Jonge Overwegen van de Vrouw

Floating makes your busy brain and tense body calm and relaxed again.

Patiënt met Healthcare Nurse

Floating contributes to a smoother recovery.

Floating during your pregnancy

Would you also like to experience, just like your baby, what it is like to float in a low-pressure warm environment? You can with floating! Floating is a special relaxation method, especially good to experience during your pregnancy. 

During floating, you experience how it feels to float and be completely weightless for a while by floating on salt water in a specially developed float room. Stimuli such as gravity, light and sound are excluded, leaving you unaware of time and space. This not only provides immense relaxation but also health benefits.

Because of the weightlessness, you don't feel the weight of your belly for a while. This is very pleasant for the (over)loaded spine and shoulders during pregnancy. Your muscles get extra blood flow through the relaxation and the warm water. And because of the horizontal position, body fluids will circulate better. This prevents the fluid from accumulating in your legs and ankles.

MAMA TO BE package € 185

Package for 2: 2x combi float (60 minutes) + 2x massage (45 minutes) and a delicious lunch afterwards for two, at restobar MAMA (located directly opposite our premises). The pregnant will receive a wonderful pregnancy massage, the non-pregnant a relaxation massage. The Mama to be package is valid for 1 year after purchase.


Float through your pregnancy” package € 249 

The most comprehensive pregnancy package at FLOATING Maastricht! 3 x combi float (60 minutes) + massage (45 minutes) to be spent within 3 months. A good investment to experience a relaxed pregnancy. You will receive an extra pot of magnesium salt from us to use in a foot bath at home. This way you can supplement the extra need for magnesium during your pregnancy and float through your pregnancy even more energetically.

Want to book your maternity package directly? Click here To go to the booking form.

Chronic symptoms

Chronic ailments like rheumatism, fibromyalgia, MS, chronic bowel disease, psoriasis are conditions where the nervous system becomes overstimulated. The body's constant stimuli cause the brain to work overtime to resolve the pains. Because of these overtime hours, the brain gets tired and overstimulated, which in turn can lead to more complaints.

Floating helps to de-stimulate the brain. This happens because stimuli such as gravity, light and sound are eliminated during a floating session. As a result, the brain has far fewer stimuli to process and gains peace and quiet. The calmness in the brain then causes certain hormones to be produced that promote recovery. Thus, we can say that 1 hour of floating is equivalent to the recovery you get after 5 hours of sleep.

For chronic complaints, it is good to float more often to achieve better balance and maintain the positive effects on recovery capacity and the brain. Take a look at our subscriptions, there are plenty of benefits if you become a Float member.

Sport and recovery

Before exercise

Before delivering (sports) performance, athletes can experience stress. Too much stress has negative effects on performance, for example by creating apathy, (fear of failure), depressive feelings, irritability and it makes one more vulnerable to developing injuries etc. Floating reduces stress and lowers a number of hormones that play a role in the "fight-flight" response. As a result, concentration, focus and strategic thinking are positively affected.

In addition, visualisation can be done well in the float room. In other words, by successfully imagining sports performance in images beforehand and "experiencing" it, as it were, performance appears to increase. These techniques come from sports psychology but also appear to lead to deep relaxation in the float room.


After exercise

Recovery after strenuous exercise is aided by floating. During heavy exertion, waste products are produced in the muscles which can cause a painful or stiff feeling. Floating stimulates blood circulation and thus the removal of waste products. Because gravity is off the muscles, you become more aware of where tension is and can relax it better. In addition, magnesium (epsom salt) is absorbed through the skin. Magnesium plays a role in all repair processes in the body including muscle recovery. These processes, and the release of endorphins, have been shown to speed up recovery and reduce pain and stiffness.

Depression and burnout

In both depression and burnout, you have asked too much of yourself for an entire period. Too much stress and too little recovery can put you in the situation where you become overloaded. Over-stimulation of the brain can occur, causing your recovery system to stop working properly. The limbic system, where your fear and emotion, among other things, are regulated in your brain, can also become overstimulated.

Floating ensures that the brain is de-stimulated. This allows your brain, but also your body, to recover better. A float session gives you the mental peace you are looking for to better cope with the hustle and bustle of the day. These kinds of complaints often require more guidance, check out our therapeutic centre LEEF! for additional therapeutic treatments in combination with floating. If you have already started a therapeutic programme elsewhere, floating is an excellent addition.


Everyone has a certain amount of tension and alertness in his or her body. This is just as well, as it allows you to take action in threatening situations. Stress can boost performance and keeps your mind resilient and alert.

So stress is not always unhealthy. We all need a certain level of stress to react appropriately to situations.

This healthy level of stress must be matched by sufficient recovery. This means rest and effective relaxation both during the day and at night. Stress becomes unhealthy when an imbalance develops for an extended period of time. When too much is asked of you for too long, while at the same time there is insufficient time to relax. Stress can then take on a chronic form.

Chronic stress can lead to feeling tense and agitated. You are constantly "on" and notice that switching off is less successful. Your heartbeat speeds up and you unconsciously tighten your muscles more. Sleeping deteriorates and you may feel restless and even anxious. You are irritable and recover more slowly or not at all from physical complaints.

Floating provides the recovery you so desperately need in this situation. Both mentally and physically. By taking away stimuli, your brain gets rest, which in turn leads to physical recovery. All kinds of hormonal conversions take place during floating, which normally take place at night. The stress hormone cortisol also decreases


When you are told that you have been diagnosed with cancer, your world collapses. You are thrown into a rollercoaster of emotions and have to make decisions about treatment, which is difficult enough. Relationships with people close to you often change due to illness. When regular treatments start, you often have to deal with side effects that can also have a huge impact on your physical and emotional system.

Often after the treatments are over and you are declared healthy for the time being, you are still not completely balanced. The impact of your illness is palpable. Now the processing of what has happened in the past weeks, months or years begins.


Floating can help you get back into balance faster after cancer treatments. Floating can also make you suffer less from side effects during treatments. This happens because the brain is de-stimulated during floating. Because the brain receives less stimulation, it can become more balanced through hormonal processes in your body. These are processes that occur in a normal situation when you sleep that ensure the recovery of both your body and your mind.


If you want more information or doubt whether floating is currently a good option for you, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to explain it to you. Besides floating, we offer specific programmes focused on oncology in the therapeutic center LEEF! Take a look at

Chronic symptoms
Sport and recovery
Depressie en burn-out
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