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  • Floating corona measures
    We regularly receive questions about the safety and hygiene of our float pools. In today's reality where concerns about general health are on the rise, we want to inform you how we ensure that you can safely use our facilities where you can take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Water is a precious commodity and in addition to 1,000 litres of water, our floating pools contain about 450 kg of magnesium salt (Epsom salt). As with public pools, we use water sparingly and responsibly and it is not replaced after every use. So how do we ensure the water is clean and in good condition? The water is cleaned automatically both daily and after each float session. During this cleaning process, the entire water content passes a fine filter several times, after which it is treated with a combination of ultraviolet light and ozone. The filter is so fine that even the smallest dirt particle is captured. The combination of UV and ozone is more powerful than chlorine and breaks down 99.9% of all harmful pollution without leaving chemicals in the water. The Ph, salinity and proper functioning of the filter system are regularly tested. After each customer visit, the contact surfaces (light buttons, door knobs and shampoo dispenser) are cleaned with a peroxide solution. This is a virucidal agent. The inside of the float room is cleaned several times a week with peroxide and vinegar. This prevents biofilm on the walls, above the water surface, from growing. Every customer is requested to shower both before and after floating. Before to avoid bringing unnecessary dirt into the float water, after floating to rinse the salt off the body. Contact of the float water with the customer's mouth, nose and eyes is very limited. The face is above water and the Epsom salt tastes so bitter, you often learn that in one go. If oil (e.g. from personal care products) unexpectedly gets into the water, absorbent sponges and/or enzymes are used to remove it. We hope this has given you insight and you can come back to floating with peace of mind.
  • How long does a float session last?
    You can book a float session of 60 minutes. This time includes showering, dressing and undressing. For optimal results, it is important to relax for a while after the float session with a glass of water or a cup of tea.
  • Should I bring anything?
    You do not need to bring anything with you (including swimwear). The floatation room with shower is entirely at your disposal, as well as the use of towels, shampoo, shower gel and earplugs. After floating, you can use the hairdryers, but do bring your own hairbrush.
  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Yes, you can book online in advance. There you can see the agenda of the two float pools and which times are still open. If you want to come with two people, check whether there are free hours at the same time so you can float "together".
  • Is my privacy guaranteed?
    Floating is a private affair. The float room is located in a luxurious room, with a private shower. The floatation room with shower is entirely at your disposal and is lockable. You therefore do not need to wear swimwear.
  • How often can you float?
    You can float daily without any problems. Floating has a positive, relaxing effect that lasts for more than a day.
  • What if I fall asleep?
    Nothing happens when you fall asleep. The body remains afloat due to the amount of salt in the water and is closed off to stimuli. The brain only receives a signal to turn as soon as it receives a stimulus that blood flow in your body is not optimal somewhere due to entrapment. During floating, this does not happen because the pressure on your body falls away due to the weightlessness. You just sleep on, until you get a signal that the float session is over.
  • Can I get cold?
    No, the water in the cabin is constantly kept at the same temperature. This is 35.5˚C. As soon as you get out of the bath, it may feel chilly for a while, as the temperature in the bathroom is lower than in the floatation cabin. Take a nice hot shower (or even take a cold shower again) for extra good relaxation!
  • Does my skin get wrinkled, like in a regular bath?"
    No, by adding magnesium salt, the skin just stays smooth. Rather, the skin will feel softer than before. The PH value what the bath water is around 7, which respects the skin's acidity.
  • Is the water changed every time?
    After each float session, the water is automatically passed through a specially designed purification system for 15 minutes. The water is passed through a special filter, a UV lamp and an ozone system. In addition, the water is tested regularly. We respect the environment by using ozone instead of hydrogen peroxide to purify the water.
  • Can I get sick if someone has floated before me?
    No, this is not possible. After every float session, the water is filtered and completely sterilised. The risk of contracting an infection is many times higher in everyday life, for example in a swimming pool. During the night and when not being floated, the water is filtered every 4 hours.
  • Can you float when you have your period?
    Yes, this is the same as in a swimming pool. We assume you use a tampon for hygienic reasons.
  • Can you float when pregnant?
    Yes! Weightlessness makes it wonderful not to feel the weight of your belly for a while. This is especially good for the stressed spine during pregnancy, also because of the extra blood flow to all your muscles. Not only the body finds recovery while floating. The state of mind also finds rest, as your brain is de-stimulated. This can also strengthen your relationship with your baby. While floating, you become more aware of your unborn baby. You are both in the same state; your baby in the amniotic fluid and you in the warm water of the float room. Floating is also good after pregnancy. After a big effort by the body, floating can help the body recover. After the birth of your baby, sleep deprivation may occur or it may even have started during your pregnancy. To keep up with the lack of sleep, floating is also recommended: 1 hour of floating equals 5 hours of sleep.
  • I am claustrophobic, is floating even for me?"
    We use spacious float rooms, in which you can simply stand upright. This has advantages over the more claustrophobic float tanks. In the float room, you control the door, light and sound. If you would like to open the door, you can. The room is constantly ventilated, so there is always plenty of oxygen. The chance of feeling claustrophobic is therefore very small.
  • Can you float together?
    It is not possible to float together in one cabin. That would interfere with total relaxation and thus go against the principle of floating. If you want to come together, you can both book a float session at the same time and exchange experiences afterwards.
  • Are children allowed to float?
    Yes, children over 14 can also float. They receive a detailed explanation first, before starting their float session.
  • Does floating have a positive effect on everyone?
    Floating is very personal. The stimuli of gravity, light and sound are taken away, quickly putting your brain into a state of relaxation. Getting unstimulated in a world full of stimuli is easier for some people than others. So you may well feel a little restless the first time and find it harder to "switch off". As you float several times, you will notice that you can relax more and more, both mentally and physically.
  • Can I give floating as a gift?
    Ja dat is mogelijk! Geef een floatsessie cadeau of een cadeaubon voor een vrij te besteden bedrag vanaf €15,00. Ga naar onze shop en bestel daar de bon.
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