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Health is top priority

The health of employees within a company is increasingly the focus these days. Absenteeism costs due to stress complaints and physical complaints are rising at a high rate. It is therefore a top priority to invest preventively in vitality, a healthy lifestyle and thus sustainable employability of your employees.


Research by RIVM shows that eight out of 10 employers consider mental health to be an important indicator of company success. Four out of 10 Dutch companies actually take prevention measures aimed at employees' mental health, according to the same survey. 


We dare to state with conviction that it pays to invest preventively in a healthy lifestyle and the physical and mental well-being of your employees such as: exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, coaching and treatment of physical and mental complaints.


Create your own vitality package, we offer a wide range of options to make your business more vital.


In our multidisciplinary center LEEF! we can provide guidance in a variety of ways. We do this by providing workshops and training sessions, such as: healthy lifestyle workshops, workshops in intelligent movement, small group training sessions, individual treatment sessions, stress management and breathing coaching. To this end, we have created specific subscriptions and composite packages that can be spent on floating, massages, training sessions and workshops.


Currently, companies are increasingly using fringe benefits in the form of health rewards. Employees can then spend these on their own health, from the company's operating budget. A subscription for floating, for example, could be funded from such a budget. Single float sessions and combinations with massages are also possible from the company budget.

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Does your company have a budget for health?


Then ask about the options, we are happy to advise you.

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