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som salt is available in buckets from:

  • 2 kg - good for 16 foot baths or 4 baths
  • 5 kg - good for 40 foot baths or 10 baths
  • 25 kg - good for 200 foot baths or 50 baths

Would you like to experience the Epsom salt that we use in our float baths at home? Which can! Use the salt in a warm foot bath or in a bath to relax your muscles. It is effective for skin problems and provides optimal relaxation before going to sleep.

Epsom salt consists of a compound of pure magnesium (49%) and sulfur, which means it can be absorbed very well by your skin. For a foot bath you use 125 grams of salt per time and for a bath you use at least 500 grams per bath.

Take the time to enjoy. Your body and mind will thank you!

Epsom salt

  • 2 kg - good for 16 footbaths or 4 baths. Order your bucket of salt here. After payment and showing your digital receipt, you can pick it up at our LEEF! therapeutic centre.

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