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Floating is for anyone who wants to relax, have the physical and mental will to recover and want to reduce stress. The effects of floating on body and mind are: fantastic!

A number of advantages at a glance:

  • proven decrease in the stress hormone cortisol

  • promotes recovery after physical work and sport

  • improves blood circulation

  • increases concentration and creativity

  • improves sleep patterns

  • relieves pain and lowers blood pressure

  • caring for the skin by using Epsom salt

  • combats fatigue

FLOATING Maastricht cabine

What is floating?

You will float in a cabin filled with salt water. In this float room you try to avoid stimuli as much as possible. The soothing music and the dimmed light are wonderfully relaxing, but you prefer to turn both of these off to experience as few stimuli as possible. The water is so salty that you float effortlessly. This causes all gravitational stimuli to disappear. In this way we create a low-stimulus environment and you experience a weightless feeling. It's as if your body is floating in space. A perfect way to relax, recover and reduce stress. 

You have to learn to float! That is why we offer the introductory package for €79 per person. In 2 sessions you will be able to experience what floating can do for you.

The first time without stimuli is not immediately relaxing for everyone. You will notice that you are not used to not receiving any stimuli and simply turning your mind off. During your first float, you will still be alert to what happens when you are weightless. You have no sense of time and you may still have some difficulty releasing tension in your body. During the second session you will experience that you reach deep relaxation much faster, because you already know what is going on. to happen. Your brain then ends up in the theta waves. You will experience deep relaxation and a lot of recovery will take place in your body. This recovery can be compared to the recovery that takes place with 5 hours of sleep.


For whom?

Floating is for everyone! Nowadays we live in hectic times. A time when we receive many incentives and when we all have a very busy agenda. An hour completely to yourself is not a bad thing. People come to float with various complaints. Athletes come for a faster recovery, pregnant women for back and pelvic relaxation and others come to float to reduce skin complaints. Mental relaxation by avoiding stimuli is also a frequently heard reason for floating. People with chronic complaints are often pain-free for a few days after floating for an hour. In fact, all situations where stress, pain and/or fatigue play a role are a good reason to try a float session.

We look forward to seeing you for your very first float session!  JUST FLOAT!

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